My aims on becoming a brewing consultant

  • To help people involved in the world of beer, by giving and sharing knowledge, experience and enthusiasm gained in a long and varied brewing career.
  • To help breweries increase their sales and profitability by improving the taste and quality of their beers and cost effectiveness of their business.
  • To help people brew really good beer: ales, lagers, specialities.

My philosophy on brewing and running a successful beer company is straight forward:

  • Keep everything as simple and straight forward as possible.
  • Brew and sell beer which has character and is consistently high quality.
  • Brew and sell beer customers will enjoy and come back for time and time again.
  • Don’t confuse customers by brewing too many different beers, and make sure your customers know what they are buying.
  • Keep a careful eye on what customers are saying about your beers, so you can better respond to their needs.