Foaming Beer Mug (2)

"We love beer, that's why we're Master Brewers"

~ Paul Buttrick & Derek Orford 
Brewing Consultants and Master Brewers

Why Beer Tasting is important

We love tasting beer and have been privileged to judge in a number of International competitions which include: The World Beer Cup, The Great American Beer Festival, The Brewing Industry International Awards and the Australian International Awards.

The importance of beer tasting is often overlooked. Our opinion of the taste of a beer is a key factor which will most tempt us to buy another one (Ok so its got to look attractive as well) None will normally buy and drink a beer they have previously tasted and disliked. Tasting beer is important in any sized company and a regular, structured, objective approach to tasting is very beneficial.

It will:

  • Help ensure beers are consistently excellent and its quality and reputation is maintained and enhanced.
  • Help avoid process drift which can result in flavour changes before the trade notices and reacts.
  • Gives companies a good ‘feel’ for their beer and what their customers are experiencing.
  • Help manage the image and quality of the beer for the future growth and success of a company.
  • Helps with troubleshooting and identifying quality problems.

The Link between Tasting and Beer Quality

Regular, systematic tasting can help identify and help rectify many quality issues in a brewery. For example, problems with yeast can give unpleasant suphury/meaty flavours and aromas. Unusual, sometimes unpleasant flavours can be attributed to process problems in other areas

Beer Sommelier & Matching Beer with Food

As Master Brewers, Paul and Derek are both qualified technical beer tasters. As an accredited Beer Sommelier, Derek is also able to assist you in talking and writing about your beer brands in order to give them the maximum, positive exposure, either in your own communications or by third parties. He’s also able to recommend food and beer matching for your beers, and has experience in designing and hosting beer and food matching events.