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"We love beer, that's why we're Master Brewers"

~ Paul Buttrick & Derek Orford 
Brewing Consultants and Master Brewers

Our Interests

With over 75 years brewing experience between us, we still have a real passion for brewing and have a wide range of interests including:

Craft/Microbrewery start up and development

We find the development of plant, processes, beers and recipes used in the microbrewery field stimulating, fun and challenging.

Process design and optimisation

This includes improvement to process, beer quality and capacity planning. It can involve existing plant, design and specification of new plant, or may just be doing things in a better way.

Designing and developing Beer Recipes

We enjoy working on recipes for bringing a beer to market. As well as ales, we have worked with lagers and many other beer styles.


Our wide experience and knowledge gives a very flexible view on trouble shooting in small, medium and large breweries. Tasting beer and looking at beer throughout the process is a key part of this.

License and Franchise Brewing

Searching out, setting up breweries and developing brands, often with an international flavour, is challenging. Combined with beer tasting, optimising processes and equipment, involvement in this field can be very rewarding.

Beer Tasting and Flavour Profiling

We love tasting beer and have judged many international Beer Competitions. Tasting beer properly and objectively is sometimes a forgotten part of the job, too often left to ‘experts’ often in the ‘laboratory’.

Beer Sommelier & Food Matching

Derek is a qualified Beer Sommelier of the Beer Academy. He is expert at, and enjoys passing on his extensive knowledge on beer styles and food matching.

Aligning brands and marketing with consumer needs

It is very important to understand and have a ‘feel’ for what the beer drinker is looking for. We enjoy working with Marketing and Sales people to understand this vital part of the business.

Beer Writing – technical or otherwise

Paul has the experience and ability to write in a way understood and enjoyed by readers, whether it be for Brewing Industry technical journals or others. It’s also a good way to keep up to date with developments in the industry.

Locum Brewing

Derek is able to take on short term locum brewing assignments. Please contact Derek directly to discuss your requirements.