‘TasteRight’ is an easily introduced, structured technique for beer tasting. It is based on an objective assessment which can be done without excessive training and by people not expert in the brewing. It is therefore well suited to smaller/medium sized breweries and is much more useful than ‘that’s very nice’ or maybe ‘it’s not up to it’s usual standard’ remarks.

This technique can also be useful for:

  • Profiling existing beers
  • Developing the taste and specification of new beers
  • Flavour matching beers between breweries.
  • Identifying process issues, trouble-shooting and quality improvement.


‘BrewRight’ takes an overall view of a brewing operation and identifies its strengths and weaknesses.
It is something which would interest small/medium sized breweries who do not have the resources or time to compare their operation with what people call ‘Best Practice’ In assessing such things, it is always wise to remember that companies have their own strategy and philosophy. ‘BrewRight’ looks at the processes and systems used in a brewery, compares them with ‘Best Practice’ for that type of operation, and recommends how things may be improved. Consistently good tasting beer generally means that processes are under control, therefore the ‘TasteRight’ idea works very well alongside ‘BrewRight’.